Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)
Section Index

Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure Section Index


Introduction Page

100: General Information

200: Application Filing Date

300: Filing and Receipt of Documents

400: Processing Documents and Fees

500: Change of Ownership

600: Attorney, Representative, and Signature

700: Procedure for Examining Applications

800: Application Requirements

900: Use in Commerce

1000: Applications under Section 44

1100: Intent-to-Use Applications and Requests to Divide

1200: Substantive Examination of Applications

1300: Service Marks, Collective Marks, and Certification Marks

1400: Classification and Identification of Goods and Services

1500: Post-Examination Procedures

1600: Registration and Post-Registration Procedures

1700: Petitions, Requests for Reinstatement, and Other Matters Submitted to Director

1800: Public Inquiries About Applications and Registrations

1900: Madrid Protocol