TMEP 808.01: Guidelines for Requiring Description

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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808.01    Guidelines for Requiring Description

For applications filed on or after May 13, 2008, a description of the mark is required for any mark not in standard characters.

Therefore, the examining attorney must require a description of the mark if:

  • the applicant is claiming a particular font style, size, or color of words, letters, or numbers;
  • the mark contains a design element;
  • the mark includes non-Latin characters;
  • the mark includes non-Roman or non-Arabic numerals;
  • the mark includes uncommon punctuation or diacritical marks;
  • the mark is three-dimensional, or a configuration of the goods or packaging ( see TMEP §§807.10, 1202.02(c)(ii));
  • the drawing includes broken lines to show position or placement or to indicate a portion of the product or packaging that is not part of the mark ( see TMEP §§807.08, 1202.02(c)(ii));
  • the mark includes color ( see TMEP §§807.07(a), 1202.05(e));
  • the mark includes motion ( see TMEP §807.11);
  • the mark is a sound, scent, or other non-visual mark ( see TMEP §807.09);
  • the mark appears in standard characters, but an element of the mark is unclear or ambiguous; or
  • the mark consists of characters from the standard character set ( see TMEP §807.03(b)), but the characters are displayed in a manner that affects the meaning or significantly contributes to the overall commercial impression of the mark, such as using standard characters that create emoticons ( see TMEP §807.03(c)).

See 37 C.F.R. §§2.37, 2.52.