TMEP 803.03(k): Limited Liability Partnerships

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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803.03(k)    Limited Liability Partnerships

Most states recognize an entity commonly identified as a "limited liability partnership" ("LLP").  An LLP is separate and distinct from a limited partnership, and is more closely associated with a limited liability company in that it has attributes of both a corporation and a partnership.  Therefore, the USPTO will accept the entity designation "limited liability partnership."  The examining attorney may accept appropriate variations of this entity (e.g., "limited liability limited partnership" or "LLLP"), with proof that the entity exists under the law of the relevant state.

The applicant must indicate the state under whose laws the limited liability partnership is established.  It is not necessary to list the partners of the limited liability partnership when identifying the entity.

See TMEP §611.06(h) regarding the proper party to sign a response to an Office action filed by a limited liability partnership that is not represented by a qualified practitioner.

See also TMEP §803.03(c) regarding use the use of "Limited" or "Ltd." in a corporation name and §803.03(h) regarding limited liability companies.