TMEP 707.03: Form of the Examiner’s Amendment

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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707.03    Form of the Examiner’s Amendment

An examiner’s amendment should include the following information:  the name, law office, telephone number, and e-mail address of the examining attorney; the name of the person interviewed; the date of the interview; the actual amendment; and, if applicable, a statement to the effect that the amendment has been authorized by the applicant or the applicant’s qualified practitioner.

The examiner’s amendment must not include a six-month response clause, because a written response by the applicant is not required for an examiner’s amendment.

The examiner’s amendment must include a search clause ( see TMEP §704.02) if it is a first action, or if the applicant has not previously been advised of the results of a search.

The examining attorney must not state in the examiner’s amendment that the application is ready for publication or issue, because some unforeseen circumstance might require that further action be taken in the application.

The examiner’s amendment must indicate any refusals or requirements that are withdrawn and/or continued by the examining attorney.