TMEP 705.07: Processing Outgoing Office Actions

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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705.07    Processing Outgoing Office Actions

A date is placed on all copies of paper Office actions when they are issued.  For outgoing e-mail communications, including electronically issued Office actions, the date is applied automatically when the communication is released to the USPTO's electronic mail system.

One copy of the action signed by the examining attorney, along with any supporting evidence and/or copies of registered marks or pending applications cited as a bar to registration, is sent to the Trademark Image Capture and Retrieval System ("TICRS") and is available for review by the public through the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval ("TSDR") portal on the USPTO website at

An applicant who authorizes e-mail communication will not receive the actual Office action by e-mail.  Instead, upon issuance of the Office action, the USPTO will e-mail a notice to the applicant with a link or web address to access the Office action using TSDR.  The Office action will not be attached to the e-mail notice.  Upon receipt of the e-mail notice, the applicant may use the link or web address to view and print the actual Office action and any evidentiary attachments.