TMEP 702.03(a)(iii): Companion Registrations

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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702.03(a)(iii)    Companion Registrations

If the applicant previously filed a companion application that has matured into a registration, the examining attorney should not transfer his or her application to the prior examining attorney.  Generally, in the later application, the examining attorney should act consistently with the registration, unless it would be clear error ( see TMEP §706.01) to act consistently.  However, the USPTO is not bound by the decisions of the examining attorneys who examined the applications for the applicant’s previously registered marks, based on different records.  Eligibility for registration must be determined on the basis of the facts that exist at the time registration is sought. See TMEP §1216.01 and cases cited therein.

See TMEP §702.03(a)(iv) regarding classification and identification in companion registrations.