TMEP 611.06(f): Signature by Unincorporated Association

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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611.06(f)    Signature by Unincorporated Association

For organizations that are less formally organized than corporations (e.g., fraternal societies, unions, unincorporated associations, and governmental bodies), the titles for officers are less standardized.  These organizations frequently use more individualistic terms for titles than the terms customarily used by corporations, and the officer positions themselves may not be as clearly or as formally provided for as is the case with corporations.  Regardless of how unfamiliar the title is or how informal the position seems to be, the USPTO will accept the signature if the applicant or registrant states on the record that the signer has, within the framework of the particular organization, authority equivalent to that of an officer to act on behalf of the organization (i.e., has authority to legally bind the applicant or registrant under its bylaws or articles of formation).  Some titles that have been accepted are Director, National Director, National Commander, Permanent Chairman, International Sponsor, Supreme Ruler, Royal Impresario, and Chairman of the Steering Committee.