TMEP 304.01: Communications Acceptable Via Electronic Mail

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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304.01    Communications Acceptable Via Electronic Mail

Applicants and registrants may use e-mail only to conduct informal communications regarding a particular application or registration as an alternative to telephone communications. See TMEP §§ 709.04, 709.05.

For example, an applicant may submit via e-mail:

  • Questions regarding an outstanding Office action that do not constitute a response;
  • Authorization to issue an examiner’s amendment or priority action ( see TMEP §§707.01, 708.01);
  • Objection to an examiner’s amendment ( see TMEP §§707, 707.02);
  • Notification of termination of a cancellation proceeding that is the basis for suspension ( see TMEP §716.02(a));
  • Request to arrange a convenient time to speak by telephone.

See TMEP § 304.02 regarding communications that are not acceptable via e-mail.

Attachments: As part of an informal communication, if an applicant’s or registrant’s e-mail contains one or more attachments, the USPTO will only open and view the attachments if they are in.jpg or.pdf format and are legible. The USPTO will not open attachments in any other format.

The examining attorney must ensure that all relevant informal e-mail communications from applicants are entered into the electronic record.  See TMEP §§709.04 and 709.05 for further information.