TMEP 1601.07: Form of Copies of Registrations

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1601.07    Form of Copies of Registrations

Before August 24, 1920, the name of the Act under which a registration was issued was not designated on the copy of the registration on file in the Trademark Search Library.  Beginning with registrations issued on August 24, 1920, each registration includes in the heading either the words "Act of Feb. 20, 1905" or the words "Act of Mar. 19, 1920."  The first registrations under the Act of 1920 apparently were issued on August 24, 1920.

Registrations under the Act of 1881 range from Number 8,191, issued on May 17, 1881, through Number 44,357, issued on March 28, 1905.  No registrations were issued between March 28, 1905, and July 4, 1905.  On July 4, 1905, the first registration under the Act of 1905 was issued as Number 44,358.

The Act of 1946 provides that the certificates of registration for marks registered on the Supplemental Register shall be conspicuously different from certificates issued for marks registered on the Principal Register.  Trademark Act §25, 15 U.S.C. §1093.  Certificates issued under the 1946 Act are clearly marked either "Principal Register" or "Supplemental Register," with the date the application was filed.