TMEP 1505.01(b)(i): Acceptable Amendments

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1505.01(b)(i)    Acceptable Amendments

If an amendment is acceptable and does not require republication of the mark, the paralegal specialist will enter the amendment and the mark will continue on to the scheduled issue date.  See TMEP §1505.03(b) for examples of amendments that do not require republication.

If the amendment is acceptable and republication is required, the paralegal specialist must telephone or e-mail the applicant and inform the applicant that the amendment is acceptable, but requires republication of the mark.  If the applicant wishes to pursue the request, the paralegal specialist must enter a Note to the File in the record that the proposed amendment has been accepted, that republication is required, and that the applicant has agreed to the republication.  The paralegal specialist will then enter the amendment and set a new publication date. A new notice of publication will be issued.  See TMEP §1505.03(a) for examples of amendments that require republication.