TMEP 1501.05: Amendment During Appeal

October 2017 Edition of the TMEP

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1501.05    Amendment During Appeal

If the applicant files an amendment after filing a timely notice of appeal, the examining attorney may not act on it without authorization from the Board, because jurisdiction over the application is with the Board after a notice of appeal is filed.  In appropriate cases, the Board may remand the case to the examining attorney to consider the matter presented in the document, with appropriate instructions to the examining attorney regarding consideration of the document and disposition of the case after such consideration. TBMP §1205.

If an application is remanded to the examining attorney to consider an amendment, and the examining attorney determines that the amendment places the application in condition for publication or issue, the examining attorney should notify the applicant by telephone or e-mail that the amendment has been entered, and that the amendment renders the appeal moot.  It is not necessary to notify the Board.