MPEP 2647.02
Processing of Decision

Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 10.2019, Last Revised in June 2020

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2647.02    Processing of Decision [R-07.2015]

After the examiner has prepared the decision (and any Office action to accompany the decision) the heading is added to the cover page (PTOL-2063) of the decision. Where the first Office action accompanies the decision, the heading is also printed on the cover page (PTOL-2064) of the first Office action, and the first Office action is mailed with the decision.

A transmittal form PTOL-2070 with the third party requester’s address will be completed (if a copy for mailing is not already in the case file). The transmittal form PTOL-2070 is used to forward copies of Office actions and other communications to the third party requester. Whenever an Office action is issued, a copy of this form will be made and attached to a copy of the Office action. Use of this form removes the need to retype the third party requester’s address each time a mailing is made.

Where the decision is a grant of reexamination, the first Office action on the merits will ordinarily be prepared and mailed with the order granting reexamination. See MPEP § 2660.

The file will be appropriately annotated, update scanning will be effected, and appropriate PALM entries will be made at this time.