37 CFR 4.4: Invention Promoter Reply

Taken from the Ninth Edition of the MPEP, Revision 08.2017, Last Revised in January 2018

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4.4    Invention Promoter Reply.

  • (a) If a submission appears to meet the requirements of a complaint, the invention promoter named in the complaint will be notified of the complaint and given 30 days to respond. The invention promoter’s response will be made available to the public along with the complaint. If the invention promoter fails to reply within the 30-day time period set by the Office, the complaint will be made available to the public. Replies sent after the complaint is made available to the public will also be published.
  • (b) A response must be clearly marked, or otherwise identified, as a response by an invention promoter. The response must contain:
    • (1) The name and address of the invention promoter;
    • (2) A reference to a complaint forwarded to the invention promoter or a complaint previously published;
    • (3) The name of the individual signing the response; and
    • (4) The title or authority of the individual signing the response.
[Added, 65 FR 3127, Jan. 20, 2000, effective Jan. 28, 2000]