37 CFR 251.8
Suspension of proceedings.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.8 Suspension of proceedings.

Where it becomes necessary to replace a selected arbitrator under § 251.6 or to remove and replace a selected arbitrator under subpart D of this part, the Librarian will order a suspension of any ongoing hearing or other proceeding by notice in writing to all parties. Immediately after issuing the order of suspension, and without delay, the Librarian will take the necessary steps to replace the arbitrator or arbitrators, and upon such replacement will issue an order, by notice in writing to all parties, resuming the proceeding from the time and point at which it was suspended.
Where, for any other reason, such as a serious medical or family emergency affecting an arbitrator, the Librarian considers a suspension of a proceeding necessary and fully justified, he may, with the unanimous written consent of all parties to the proceeding, order a suspension of the proceeding for a stated period not to exceed one month.
Any suspension under this section shall result in a complete cessation of all aspects of the proceeding, including the running of any period provided by statute for the completion of the proceeding.