37 CFR 251.46
Conduct of hearings: Role of arbitrators.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.46 Conduct of hearings: Role of arbitrators.

At the opening of a hearing conducted by a Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel, the chairperson shall announce the subject under consideration.
Only the arbitrators of a CARP, or counsel as provided in this chapter, shall question witnesses.
Subject to the vote of the CARP, the chairperson shall have responsibility for:
Setting the order of presentation of evidence and appearance of witnesses; 6I11(2) Administering oaths and affirmations to all witnesses;
Announcing the CARP's ruling on objections and motions and all rulings with respect to introducing or excluding documentary or other evidence. In all cases, whether there are an even or odd number of arbitrators sitting at the hearing, it takes a majority vote to grant a motion or sustain an objection. A split vote will result in the denial of the motion or the overruling of the objection;
Regulating the course of the proceedings and the decorum of the parties and their counsel, and insuring that the proceedings are fair and impartial; and
Announcing the schedule of subsequent hearings.
Each arbitrator may examine any witness or call upon any party for the production of additional evidence at any time. Further examination, cross-examination, or redirect examination by counsel relevant to the inquiry initiated by an arbitrator may be allowed by a CARP, but only to the limited extent that it is directly responsive to the inquiry of the arbitrator.