37 CFR 251.43
Written cases.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.43 Written cases.

All parties who have filed a notice of intent to participate in the hearing shall file written direct cases with the Copyright Office, and with other parties in the manner in which the Librarian of Congress shall direct in accordance with § 251.45(b).
The written direct case shall include all testimony, including each witness's background and qualifications, along with all the exhibits to be presented in the direct case.
Each party may designate a portion of past records, including records of the Copyright Royalty Tribunal, that it wants included in its direct case. Complete testimony of each witness whose testimony is designated (i.e., direct, cross and redirect) must be referenced.
In the case of a royalty fee distribution proceeding, each party must state in the written direct case its percentage or dollar claim to the fund. In the case of a rate adjustment proceeding, each party must state its requested rate. No party will be precluded from revising its claim or its requested rate at any time during the proceeding up to the filing of the proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law.
No evidence, including exhibits, may be submitted in the written direct case without a sponsoring witness, except where the CARP has taken official notice, or in the case of incorporation by reference of past records, or for good cause shown.
Written rebuttal cases of the parties shall be filed at a time designated by a CARP upon conclusion of the hearing of the direct case, in the same form and manner as the direct case, except that the claim or the requested rate shall not have to be included if it has not changed from the direct case.