37 CFR 251.41
Formal hearings.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.41 Formal hearings.

The formal hearings that will be conducted under the rules of this subpart are rate adjustment hearings and royalty fee distribution hearings. All parties intending to participate in a hearing of a Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel must file a notice of their intention. A CARP may also, on its own motion or on the petition of an interested party, hold other proceedings it considers necessary to the exercise of its functions, subject to the provisions of § 251.7. All such proceedings will be governed by the rules of this subpart.
During the 45-day period specified in § 251.45(b)(1)(i) for distribution proceedings, or during the 45-day period specified in § 251.45(b)(2)(i) for rate adjustment proceedings, as appropriate, any party may petition the Librarian of Congress to dispense with formal hearings, and have the CARP decide the controversy or rate adjustment on the basis of written pleadings. The petition may be granted if --
The controversy or rate adjustment, as appropriate, does not involve any genuine issue of material fact; or
All parties to the proceeding agree, in writing, that a grant of the petition is appropriate.