37 CFR 251.16
Requests to open or close meetings.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§251.16 Requests to open or close meetings.

Any person may request a Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel to open or close a meeting or disclose or withhold information. Such request must be captioned "Request to Open" or "Request to Close" a meeting on a specified date concerning a specific subject. The person making the request must state his or her reasons, and include his or her name, address, and telephone number.
In the case of a request to open a meeting that a CARP has previously voted closed, the panel must receive the request within 3 working days of the meeting's announcement. Otherwise the request will not be heeded, and the person making the request will be so notified. An original and three copies of the request must be submitted.
For a CARP to act on a request to open or close a meeting, the question must be brought to a vote before the panel. If the request is granted, an amended meeting announcement will be issued and the person making the request notified. If a vote is not taken, or if after a vote the request is denied, said person will also be notified promptly.