37 CFR 204.8
Appeal of refusal to correct or amend an individual's record.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§204.8 Appeal of refusal to correct or amend an individual's record.

An individual who disagrees with a refusal of the Copyright Office to amend his or her record may request a review of the denial. The decision will be made within 30 business days, unless the Office can demonstrate good cause for extending the 30 day period. If the requestor is dissatisfied with the agency's final determination, the individual may bring a civil action against the Office in the appropriate United States district court appeal the refusal to correct or amend a record pertaining to the individual. The individual should submit a written appeal to the General Counsel, Copyright Office, Copyright GC/I&R, P.O. Box 70400, Southwest Station, Washington, DC 20024. Appeals, and the envelopes containing them, should be plainly marked "Privacy Act Appeal." Failure to so mark the appeal may delay the Copyright Office General Counsel's response. An appeal should contain a copy of the request for amendment or correction and a copy of the record alleged to be untimely, inaccurate, incomplete or irrelevant.
The General Counsel will issue a written decision granting or denying the appeal within 30 working days after receipt of the appeal unless, after showing good cause, the General Counsel extends the 30 day period. If the appeal is granted, the requested amendment or correction will be made promptly. If the appeal is denied, in whole or part, the General Counsel's decision will set forth reasons for the denial. Additionally, the decision will advise the requester that he or she has the right to file with the Copyright Office a concise statement of his or her reasons for disagreeing with the refusal to amend the record and that such statement will be attached to the requester's record and included in any future disclosure of such record.