37 CFR 204.6

Last updated in November 2005.
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§204.6 Fees.

The Copyright Office will provide, free of charge, one copy to an individual of any record pertaining to that individual contained in a Copyright Office system of records, except where the request is for a copy of a record for which a specific fee is required and identified in § 201.3 of this chapter, in which case that fee shall be charged. For additional copies of records not covered by section 708 the fee will be a minimum of $ 15.00 for up to 15 pages and $ .50 per page over 15. The Office will require prepayment of fees estimated to exceed $ 25.00 and will remit any excess paid or bill an additional amount according to the differences between the final fee charged and the amount prepaid. When prepayment is required, a request is not deemed "received" until prepayment has been made.
The Copyright Office may waive the fee requirement whenever it determines that such waiver would be in the public interest.