37 CFR 11.104: Communication

Taken from the USPTO's TM Federal Statutes and Rules, Last Revised in January 2018

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§11.104    Communication.

  • (a) A practitioner shall:
    • (1) Promptly inform the client of any decision or circumstance with respect to which the client’s informed consent is required by the USPTO Rules of Professional Conduct;
    • (2) Reasonably consult with the client about the means by which the client’s objectives are to be accomplished;
    • (3) Keep the client reasonably informed about the status of the matter;
    • (4) Promptly comply with reasonable requests for information from the client; and
    • (5) Consult with the client about any relevant limitation on the practitioner’s conduct when the practitioner knows that the client expects assistance not permitted by the USPTO Rules of Professional Conduct or other law.
  • (b) A practitioner shall explain a matter to the extent reasonably necessary to permit the client to make informed decisions regarding the representation.

[Added 78 FR 20180, April 3, 2013, effective May 3, 2013]