37 CFR 10.159
Notice of suspension or exclusion.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§10.159 Notice of suspension or exclusion.

Upon issuance of a final decision reprimanding a practitioner or suspending or excluding a practitioner from practice before the Office, the Director shall give notice of the final decision to appropriate employees of the Office and to interested departments, agencies, and courts of the United States. The Director shall also give notice to appropriate authorities of any State in which a practitioner is known to be a member of the bar and any appropriate bar association.
The Director shall cause to be published in the Official Gazette the name of any practitioner suspended or excluded from practice. Unless otherwise ordered by the Commissioner, the Director shall publish in the Official Gazette the name of any practitioner reprimanded by the Commissioner.
The Director shall maintain records, which shall be available for public inspection, of every disciplinary proceeding where a practitioner is reprimanded, suspended, or excluded unless the Commissioner orders that the proceeding be kept confidential.