37 CFR 10.156
Decision of the Commissioner.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§10.156 Decision of the Commissioner.

An appeal from an initial decision of the administrative law judge shall be decided by the Commissioner. The Commissioner may affirm, reverse or modify the initial decision or remand the matter to the administrative law judge for such further proceedings as the Commissioner may deem appropriate. Subject to paragraph (c) of this section, a decision by the Commissioner does not become a final agency action in a disciplinary proceeding until 20 days after it is entered. In making a final decision, the Commissioner shall review the record or those portions of the record as may be cited by the parties in order to limit the issues. The Commissioner shall transmit a copy of the final decision to the Director and to the respondent.
A final decision of the Commissioner may dismiss a disciplinary proceeding, reprimand a practitioner, or may suspend or exclude the practitioner from practice before the Office.
A single request for reconsideration or modification of the Commissioner's decision may be made by the respondent or the Director if filed within 20 days from the date of entry of the decision. Such a request shall have the effect of staying the effective date of the decision. The decision by the Commissioner on the request is a final agency action in a disciplinary proceeding and is effective on its date of entry.