37 CFR 10.140
Representative for Director or respondent.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§10.140 Representative for Director or respondent.

A respondent may be represented before the Office in connection with an investigation or disciplinary proceeding by an attorney. The attorney shall file a written declaration that he or she is an attorney within the meaning of § 10.1(c) and shall state:
The address to which the attorney wants correspondence related to the investigation or disciplinary proceeding sent and
A telephone number where the attorney may be reached during normal business hours.
The Commissioner shall designate at least two associate solicitors in the Office of the Solicitor to act as representatives for the Director in disciplinary proceedings. In prosecuting disciplinary proceedings, the designated associate solicitors shall not involve the Solicitor or the Deputy Solicitor. The Solicitor and the Deputy Solicitor shall remain insulated from the investigation and prosecution of all disciplinary proceedings in order that they shall be available as counsel to the Commissioner in deciding disciplinary proceedings.