37 CFR 10.136
Answer to complaint.

Last updated in November 2005.
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§10.136 Answer to complaint.

Time for answer. An answer to a complaint shall be filed within a time set in the complaint which shall be not less than thirty days.
With whom filed. The answer shall be filed in writing with the administrative law judge. The time for filing an answer may be extended once for a period of no more than thirty days by the administrative law judge upon a showing of good cause provided a motion requesting an extension of time is filed within thirty days after the date the complaint is filed by the Director. A copy of the answer shall be served on the Director.
Content. The respondent shall include in the answer a statement of the facts which constitute the grounds of defense and shall specifically admit or deny each allegation set forth in the complaint. The respondent shall not deny a material allegation in the complaint which the respondent knows to be true or state that respondent is without sufficient information to form a belief as to the truth of an allegation when in fact the respondent possesses that information. The respondent shall also state affirmatively special matters of defense.
Failure to deny allegations in complaint. Every allegation in the complaint which is not denied by a respondent in the answer is deemed to be admitted and may be considered proven. No further evidence in respect of that allegation need be received by the administrative law judge at any hearing. Failure to timely file an answer will constitute an admission of the allegations in the complaint.
Reply by Director. No reply to an answer is required by the Director and any affirmative defense in the answer shall be deemed to be denied. The Director may, however, file a reply if he or she chooses or if ordered by the administrative law judge.