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35 U.S.C. 364, International stage: Procedure

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35 U.S.C. 364 International stage: Procedure.

(a) International applications shall be processed by the Patent and Trademark Office when acting as a Receiving Office, International Searching Authority, or International Preliminary Examining Authority, in accordance with the applicable provisions of the treaty, the Regulations, and this title.

(b) An applicant's failure to act within prescribed time limits in connection with requirements pertaining to a pending international application may be excused upon a showing satisfactory to the Director of unavoidable delay, to the extent not precluded by the treaty and the Regulations, and provided the conditions imposed by the treaty and the Regulations regarding the excuse of such failure to act are complied with.

(Added Nov. 14, 1975, Public Law 94-131, sec. 1, 89 Stat. 686; amended Nov. 8, 1984, Public Law 98-622, sec. 403(a), 98 Stat. 3392.)

(Subsection (a) amended Nov. 6, 1986, Public Law 99-616, sec. 5, 100 Stat. 3485.)

(Amended Nov. 29, 1999, Public Law 106-113, sec. 1000(a)(9), 113 Stat. 1501A-582 (S. 1948 sec. 4732(a)(10)(A)).)