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BitLaw and the rest of the Interent contains a great deal of information on the patenting of computer software. This topical index provides one-stop shopping for learning about software patents. A discussion on basic patent law written by Dan Tysver is found in the Patent Section of BitLaw.

BitLaw's Introduction to Software Patents

Software Patent Source Materials on BitLaw

Software Resources Articles on the Internet

WIPO-Patenting Software
This article was written by the World Intellectual Property Organization, and contains many important tips for software developers that are thinking about applying for software patent protection (including answers to questions such as as "do you really need a patent?").
Patently Absurd
An article on patenting software by Simson L. Garfinkel published in Wired Magazine (2.07).
Software patents – Obstacles to software development
The transcript of a talk by Richard Stallman presented in 2002 at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory.
End Software Patents
As one might guess, this website is devoted to end software patents. Many good Resources and interesting discussions on software patents can be found on the site.