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The process of identifying your invention, and determining whether or not to file a patent application on your invention is quite complex. The following provides an overview of the detailed guidance provided by other pages that are linked to below.

Why Should You File a Patent Application?

There are
			many reasons to file for patent protection on an invention

Patents grant the exclusive right to make, use, and sell an invention. This is an extremely valuable right, as a patented invention can only be made and sold in the United States with the permission of the patent owner. A patent can literally be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Of course, a patent can only be worth that much if i) the invention itself is worth many times that amount, and ii) the patent is "good" enough to cover variations of the invention and withstand validity challenges.

In addition to the value of a , and an inventor can gain this monopoly-like right only by filing a patent application. In addition, even before a patent is granted, a patent application gives you the right to claim patent pending status, which is useful in marketing an invention and selling your product or company to investors.

When should a patent application be filed?

A patent can range in cost from $10,000 to $25,000

What makes patents so expensive?

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More patent guidance
This guidance is provided by the attorneys of Tysver Beck Evans. Please contact us if you need help protecting your intellectual property. The legal information provided in this guidance should be distinguished from actual legal advice. Please see the Guidance index page for more information.