Patent Prosecution Services

At Tysver Beck Evans, we have significant experience in drafting patent applications for medical device technologies, computer hardware, software, mobile devices, and general mechanical inventions. Whatever the nature of your invention, we can either help you get patent protection, or can steer you in the right direction.

To obtain a patent, it is necessary to submit a patent application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. After a short delay (about eighteen months if a fee to expedite the application is not paid), an examiner at the Patent Office will review the application to determine if your invention is patentable. BitLaw contains a discussion on the requirements for patentability that provides more information about how the examiner will make this determination.

Patent applications are complicated from both a scientific and a legal point of view. Only patent agents and patent attorneys that have a technical education and have passed the patent bar exam are allowed to assist others in drafting patent applications on their inventions. The application itself must include a detailed description of the invention, should include drawings showing the invention, and must conclude with patent claims. In most cases, the attorney’s fees for a patent application will run between $8,000 and $10,000. Complicated inventions can cost more than this. BitLaw also provides more information on the contents of a patent application.

In some cases it is appropriate to file a provisional patent application. When used correctly, a provisional patent application can delay the expiration of an issued patent and can be used to control the upfront cost of a patent application. However, when used incorrectly or filed without sufficient details, provisional applications can negatively impact the patent process. We can help you determine whether it makes sense to file a provisional patent application on your invention.

All of our attorneys have years of experience in drafting patent applications and negotiating with the U.S. Patent Office to obtain an issued patent. If you have any questions about the patent process, please contact us and ask.