Are you not crazy lucky enough to live in Minnesota?

Not everyone can live in Minnesota–the state simply isn’t big enough. If you or your company happen to reside in a state that doesn’t have five good months of winter, we still might be able to work with you. Many aspects of intellectual property and patent law are governed by federal law and may be competently handled by attorneys in any state. In the era of e-mail, video phone conferencing, and instant iPhone/Android communications, it isn’t always necessary to select a law firm based on geographic location. Instead, the selection of an intellectual property attorney can be based on technical sophistication, legal savvy, effective communication skills, and responsiveness to your specific requests. Of course, it doesn’t hurt our case that the attorney billing rates in Minnesota are generally more affordable than the rates charged by patent firms on either coast.

Although many of our clients come from across the country and around the world, you should be aware that all of our attorneys are licensed to practice law only in Minnesota, Missouri, Kansas, and a few other states. This means that our attorneys are not capable, qualified, or legally allowed to practice law in every state. There are many circumstances when it may be necessary or useful for you to hire a local attorney assist you with your intellectual property needs. For instance, you may be involved in a contractual dispute over intellectual property that involves local or state law and that requires an attorney licensed and experienced in your state. In other cases, you may simply desire the ability to drive to your attorney’s office to meet with them in person at a moment’s notice. Feel free to talk to one of our attorneys on this issue.