About Us

Tysver Beck Evans was established on the belief that clients want more from their patent attorneys than just an ability to draft a competent patent application. Don’t get us wrong, we take great pride in our ability to draft quality patent applications at reasonable rates. But we believe that entrepreneurial companies and individuals are looking for more than this. We believe that they–that you–are searching for a law firm that can provide strategic guidance on how best to protect your inventive work. Not all inventions need to be turned into patent applications, and not every patent application should be treated the same as every other application. We help our clients develop their patent portfolios strategically, so that resources are concentrated on those inventions that will best protect the interests of the client.

We also recognize that a successful attorney-client relationship requires that we be responsive to our client’s needs. When you call, you want us to pick up the phone. When you hire one of our attorneys, you expect to work with that attorney—not an associate whom you have never met. We recognize that there is some truth to the old adage that clients “hire attorneys, not law firms.” While no attorney can always promise to be personally available when you need them, we do promise to do our best to be there when and where you need us. When you hire one of our attorneys, rest assured that the attorney you chose will be remain your primary contact with the firm. And if you need more help than one attorney can provide, the attorneys at Tysver Beck Evans will work together to meet your needs.

Tysver Beck Evans has chosen not to work with clients that draft hundreds of new patent applications every year. These clients typically have a large group of in-house patent attorneys who ask outside firms to handle overflow patent applications. Instead of working with these companies, we work almost exclusively with clients who hire Tysver Beck Evans to serve as their primary patent advisor. While this means that many of our clients are small to mid-sized technology companies, our clients can also be found on the Fortune 100 list.

Feel free to call one of our attorneys. We would be happy to tell you more about our firm and how we work.