You have great ideas. When you need to protect them, call us.

Whether your invention is computer-related, a medical device, or mechanical in nature, we can help you get the strongest possible patent protection. For over 20 years, our law firm has helped technology companies protect their most important assets–their ideas.

Patent Prosecution

We can protect your most complex inventions. We’ve been doing it for twenty years.

Trademark Applications

Whether you need to register your mark, or need help analyzing a trademark infringement issue, we can help.

Post-Grant Proceedings

The new US Patent and Trademark Office proceedings have greatly changed the process for enforcing patents. We work with your litigators, or our preferred colleagues, to get the results you need.

Competitive Patent Analysis

Whether you are faced with an allegation of infringement, or are trying to avoid patent troubles before launching a new product, the attorneys of Tysver Beck Evans can help.

Copyright Analysis

Tech startups frequently face complex copyright questions that can make or break the company. Trust us to guide you through these issues.

You can trust us to help you.

Tysver Beck Evans is an innovative Minneapolis patent law firm with experienced attorneys specializing in mobile devices, consumer electronics, medical devices, mechanical inventions, and software technology.